Kostya August. Artist.

Was born in 1986 in Moscow.
No professional education. In 2007 he graduated from the Russian state Agrarian University named after K. A. Timiryazev, majoring in Viticulturist-winemaker.


Since 1998 draws on the street.
Tried himself in various styles from classical letter drawing to photorealism. The archive contains more than a thousand fonts on walls and trains.

2001 - decides to use a character on the wall instead of a tag.
2005 - comes up with the yellow leaf and the pseudonym August. In a short time, the logo becomes popular not only in the circles of the graffiti community, but also among ordinary people.

2008 - Kostya August at the factory in Voronezh creates the first Russian graffiti paint, the most popular at the moment in Russia and neighboring countries.

Photos of August's works are printed in most of the iconic publications about graffiti and street art in Russia.

A whole generation of Russian street artists has grown up on his works, who consider him a landmark person in the development of their creativity.

The leaf is the most recognizable logo in graffiti in the entire post-Soviet space.

Participated in international street festivals:

2002 - Nescafe, Moscow
2004 - Meeting of Styles, Moscow
2008, 2009 - Write For Gold, Moscow
2013, 2014 - Show Your Flow, Moscow
2015 - 2018 - Faces and Laces, Moscow

Street Art:

2013 - Kostya August understands that classic font graffiti has a lot of restrictions for evolution. He leaves only a sheet for drawing on the street and comes up with how it can be interpreted to make compositions with it on the wall.
In parallel, he tries to draw works on social topics.

Canvases and Exhibitions:

In 2013, Kostya August painted his first canvases.

Since 2015, he has participated with canvases in group exhibitions, including international ones.

The end of 2017 completely abandons the canvases.


2014 - Solo show in tea club "Baza", Moscow, Russia
2015, 2016 - Art Who Art, Moscow, Russia
2015 - 2018 - Time for Art, Moscow, Russia
2016 - Show in Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2017 - Visionary Art Show, Lecce, Italy
Awarded: Best Visionary Artist
2018 - Paint for Georgia, Mtskheta, Georgia

Brand and Collaborations:

Since 2014, Kostya August has been doing collaborations with different brands.
Since 2017, has launched his own brand of clothing.

Sense of Space

2015 - Kostya August makes the world's largest Art installation, with proof and video confirmation. This work leads him to a new direction in art, which he gives the name "Sense of Space".

The main plan for the coming years is the further development of the direction of sense of space and art as a scientific work.

Existing works:

1. Madness of Art, 2015 (Samui, Thailand)
2. Presence in Space, 2005 - ... (World)
3. An absolute understanding of street art in the gallery, 2017
4. 2 works, 2018 (Moscow, Russia)
5. Cube, 2018 (Moscow, Russia)
6. Branch of tomato, 2019 (Cartagena, Colombia)
7. The last day of canvas, 2019 (Moscow, Russia)