Sense of space

- new art direction, founded by Kostya August in 2015.

The main difference between this type of art from all that existed before:

1. The exact result of the work's impact on the viewer is important.
2. The components of any work: matter and time.
3. Only the artist can determine the parameters and boundaries of the work.
4. Works have no technique

The main focus, goal of Sense of Space: a deep change in people's thinking, reaching a new level of awareness, gaining maximum freedom.

Existing works:

1. Madness of Art, 2015 (Samui, Thailand)
2. Presence in Space, 2005 - ... (World)
3. An absolute understanding of street art in the gallery, 2017
4. 2 works, 2018 (Moscow, Russia)
5. Cube, 2018 (Moscow, Russia)
6. Branch of tomato, 2019 (Cartagena, Colombia)
7. The last day of canvas, 2019 (Moscow, Russia)