Presence in Space

The work started in the spring of 2005 and continues at the moment.

The "Presence in space" object has 2 levels:
The 1st Level is the outer form, the sheets.
The 2nd Level, much deeper, and which is impossible to touch, but the most important, for which the first level was conceived. This is to create a sense of my presence in a brain the viewer.
The leaf is not drawn for beauty, but it is made to attract attention. The viewer must see it, remember it, and recognize it in new places. By these leaves I made a statement that I exist in this world. Initially, I was not clear to myself what the point is. And only after almost 20 years of self-examination, I came to a deep understanding of why I do it. After that, I left all other forms of drawing on the street and left only a sheet that shows the meaning of my appearance on the street walls as much as possible.